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The Speakeasier with Pragya Agarwal: What is unconscious bias?

Updated: 4 days ago

What is unconscious bias? According to a huge spike on Google, countless people have been searching for the answer to this question, so who better to ask than the person who wrote the book about it?

In this episode of The Speakeasier we talk to Dr Pragya Agarwal, the author of Sway: Unravelling Unconscious Bias. She helps us understand what bias is, how it affects us in our personal and professional lives, and where the conversation about unconscious bias should begin in business.

Pragya explains how unconscious bias ‘training’ doesn’t actually train people to do anything, discusses how businesses should use it as a first step in creating awareness of biases within the workplace, and offers steps that can be taken towards creating non-judgemental safe spaces where people can share their experiences in moves towards better inclusion. She also talks about how unconscious bias even affects how we choose ice cream.

The Speakeasier continues to come at the diversity conversation like an Italian gelato shop: there’s something for everyone.


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