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What we're about

About Us

Founded in 2018, we are on a mission to accelerate inclusion so that everyone can belong and thrive - whether that's in their organisation or in society more broadly.


To deliver on this mission, we build confidence and create long term impact for leaders and teams wanting to understand culture and relevance. We partner to solve the challenges and reap the opportunities that equity, diversity and inclusion offer. 

Harnessing our unique blend of data and insight, learning and strategic advisory, we provide tailored solutions that are backed by inside out inclusion®

About Inside Out Inclusion®

We offer a proprietary framework that our client partners use to integrate and embed equity, diversity & inclusion (ED&I) across their organisations. 

Inside out inclusion® is distinctive as it covers both the internal and external dynamics that affect an organisation today, which means we're able to provide a unique and holistic service.

We are insights-led and we are just as comfortable working with leadership boards and people and HR teams as we are working with product, brand, marketing and communications teams. 

Our purpose

We exist to accelerate inclusion so that everyone can belong and thrive. 

We have moved beyond a time of tick box approaches to ED&I to a time when organisations are being called on to be inclusive by design - by customers and by colleagues. 


We take a human-centric approach to everything we do, putting people and their experiences at the heart of our thinking and counsel. 

Our values


We are collaborative, caring & inclusive by design, setting an example for other businesses.


We don’t do work that simply ticks boxes for clients. We don’t offer assumptions. What we do is grounded in insight and intelligence.


We create spaces, opportunities & the conditions for people to learn, grow, be inspired, and belong. We aspire to innovate.


We find new ways of doing things, empowering each other to take initiative.


We value and embrace the many characteristics and lived experiences that make people interesting & insightful.

Our unmistakable team

Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 14.19.06.png

Our team is made up of experts from a number of disciplines and sectors who are all united in the passion and mission to accelerate inclusion in a way that builds a better future.


We inspire each other to make long lasting change, and share this with our clients who in turn build confidence and capability in their organisations. 


In addition to our core team, we have an ever-growing network of culture-makers and commentators - with representation of all identities - that work with us to surface insights and provide deeper understanding of communities and cultural insights.

We’re always on the lookout for people who are passionate about building more inclusive business, be that as part of our full time team or our network.

Are you unmistakable?

We're interested to hear from unmistakable people looking for the next step.

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