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It’s playtime with The Unmistakables in this week’s Nicerlation

Updated: 5 days ago

Working from home through self-isolation became a whole lot more challenging for millions of parents and guardians from today. Schools across the UK have closed and anyone caring for children suddenly has the added pressure of educating their kids, too.

I personally have no experience of teaching children, but having scanned through the advice that my son brought home following his last day at school on Friday, it occurred to me that, before I was able to teach him anything of value, I was going to have to relearn how to play.

This morning, I chatted with the rest of the team at The Unmistakables and explained how my days would be affected by having my son at home. The most important thing for me was that we stuck to the things that school children love most: playtime and lunch. That would mean being unavailable from meetings for an hour from midday, which would see me miss out on this week’s Nicerlation. That was unless we changed the format and invited kids to join, as well - so that’s what we’re going to do.

This week’s session is all about play. The world just asked kids to behave like adults and so it’s only reasonable that adults relearn to behave like kids. This Wednesday at 12:30pm, we’re inviting you to join our second Nicerlation session for a break from the routine of both working and teaching from home. It’s for parents, guardians, children and anyone who just wants to have a little fun. Everyone is welcome.


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