The Speakeasier with Sulaiman Khan: Can creativity be disabled?

In this week’s episode of The Speakeasier we talk to Sulaiman Khan, founder and Chief Purpose Officer at ThisAbility, a disability-led equity business that aims to change workplace culture by destabilising the accepted narratives of creativity and disability.

We discuss how disabled people are inherently creative given they “hack” life everyday to overcome physical, social and attitudinal barriers. Sulaiman also offers practical advice to non-disabled people to facilitate creating connections with those with disabilities both in business and in life.

With more than 30-years lived-experience of disability, 10 of which have been spent in the creative industries, Sulaiman tells us how access can’t just be limited to having an elevator and a ramp in the office building, and also explores how notions of “worthiness” are tied to a person’s ability to work, rather than an individual’s inherent dignity and humanity.

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