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The Speakeasier with Samantha Renke: How can disability make business braver?

Updated: May 14

In this week’s episode of The Speakeasier we’re joined by actor, columnist, public speaker and disability campaigner Samantha Renke, to talk about why brands should stop holding back when it comes to the representation of disability in the media.

Born with osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones), Sam is a full-time wheelchair user and knows all too well how it feels to live in an environment which has not been built with accessibility in mind. However, it is with this that Sam has become a changemaker for disability awareness, refreshing the appearance of advertising and performance to challenge the misperceptions of herself and others.

Throughout the episode, Sam injects endless humour and passion, drawing on her personal and professional experience to explain how optimised accessibility can benefit everyone (AKA the targeted universal approach). We also discuss the role that ego has in preventing true inclusion, and how a little bit of bravery can take business a long way.

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If you want to keep up with the fantastic work Sam does, follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Take it from us, #TheDailyRenke will not disappoint!


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