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The Speakeasier with Mursal Saiq: Can we eat our way to inclusion?

Updated: 4 days ago

In this week’s episode of The Speakeasier we talk to Mursal Saiq, Founder and Director of Cue Point London, an inclusive barbecue catering company influenced by her Afghan background and her experiences growing up in London.

We discuss the power of food in creating spaces that can be shared by everyone, regardless of their identity, and the positive impact these shared spaces can create in society. We also examine what it means to be a product of growing up in different places and cultures, and whether it’s necessary to be “British enough” or “Afghan enough”.

With a menu that includes delicious food for everyone (and includes barbecue for the vegans!), Mursal tells us about her journey being a young woman of colour in a space that is not designed for someone like her, and how important it is for businesses to make a mark in the communities they cater to, something that is central to her philosophy at Cue Point.

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