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The Speakeasier with Jan Gooding: Is there Pride without protest?

In a week that has seen statues of slave traders pulled down from their pedestals, we have all been able to witness protest turn to action at a heart-racing pace.

This episode of The Speakeasier reminds us that we are in Pride month - a time of year when we would usually see protests awash with rainbow colours. But with many of us still living life in lockdown, and with the urgency of Black Lives Matter rallies bringing people together across many different communities, Pride is taking a very different shape in 2020.

Our guest, Jan Gooding, takes us deep into the world of diversity and inclusion. Formerly chair at Stonewall and long-standing director of inclusion at insurance brand Aviva, Jan talks to us about the role of brands in Pride, how Pride protests are finding different outlets this year, and how focusing on inclusion rather than diversity may help to keep some people more engaged in the conversation.

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