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The Speakeasier with Iain Dale & Denise Headley: Whose voices do we really need to hear today?

Updated: May 14

Less than a month ago, a Black man in Minneapolis spoke his last words as he was murdered: “I can’t breathe.”

Since that day, many of us have begun to question whose voices we should really be listening to right now.

Two weeks ago, we were struck by a compelling new voice on the radio - a caller speaking out about racial issues during talk show host Iain Dale’s show on LBC. Denise Headley challenged the white, male prism of British media, gave her views on the industry’s lack of diversity, and offered herself up as its new voice.

We got straight on the case and invited her to come and be heard on The Speakeasier. Determined to continue to make diversity everyone’s business, we also asked Iain to rejoin the conversation.

In this episode, we bring together icons of the airwaves, old and new, in a lively discussion about race, politics, history and identity. Oh, and let’s not forget about the statues.

Listen on Spotify, Apple podcasts or below.

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