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The Speakeasier with Asma Shah: How can we become anti-racist?

In this episode of The Speakeasier we’re asking the question: how can we become anti-racist? A simple question, but with a lot to unpack. To help us, we invited Asma Shah to share her experiences and tell us how she approaches racism through the work she does.

Asma is the founder and CEO of You Make It, an organisation helping young women access tools, networks, experience and confidence to develop their careers and transform their lives. Earlier this year, they also launched You Change It, an anti-racism development programme designed to create a safe space for challenging introspection and discussion to empower people with the tools to become champions of race equality, diversity and inclusion. Ultimately, taking people beyond their comfort zone to the point where change can be seen and felt. If that wasn’t enough, she is also a public speaker on issues of race and inclusion, and an advisor on the Mayor of London's Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion board.

In the podcast we talk about the micro-aggressions faced by PoC, the many forms of racism different ethnicities are forced to face, how to take anti-racism to a new level and so much more.

The Speakeasier is available on all podcast platforms.


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