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The Speakeasier with Amar Latif OBE: Building what doesn't exist for the sake of inclusion

Updated: 4 days ago

In this energising and heartwarming episode of The Speakeasier we learn all about TV presenter, explorer and entrepreneur, Amar Latif. Amar lost 95 per cent of his sight at the age of 18 but was determined to still be able to "see" the world (as a blind man, he explains that he's absolutely fine with people using that word). He soon realised that the travel industry was not accessible for blind people and that companies wouldn't cater for his needs.

Amar decided to build what didn't exist for the sake of inclusion, launching Travel Eyes - the world's leading commercial tour operator offering independent group travel for both blind and sighted travellers.

Amar talks about his career from his first business venture aged 12, through to working on the "sexy side' of accounting and becoming a successful business owner. He also teaches us about the language around visual impairment, why it's always best just to ask when it comes to inclusive language, and how we can be better allies to the visually impaired.

You can follow Amar on Instagram and Twitter.

The Speakeasier is available on all podcast platforms.


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