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Could you be our Unmistakable intern?

Updated: 5 days ago

It’s been a great start for The Unmistakables. We’ve appeared across the industry in the UK and across the Atlantic. As we gear up for the new year we are looking for an Intern (paid) to join us. Here’s a bit more about the role - if you’re interested, e-mail

In search of an Unmistakable Intern

In the world of marketing and communications, The Unmistakables is an independent consultancy made up of minorities.

Could you be the next superstar to join our growing team?

We are a start-up that works with a range of organisations ranging from charities to coworking spaces - our goal is to make their companies and campaigns better reflect the changing world we live in.

We’re at the beginning of our journey and we’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to get stuck in. You’ll get first-hand experience of growing a company from the ground up and being at the forefront of change in an industry that is crying out for something different.

What we’re looking for:

Entrepreneurial spirit - we want someone who will one day set up the next big thing and is creative in how they think and how they get things done.

Ambition - we don’t see this as a dirty word. We want someone with the hunger and desire to make a difference to the company and to the world.

Commercial Appetite - we’re running a business here. We don’t need you to be a maths whizz, but we’ll want you to get an understanding of how everything impacts the bottom line.

Graphic Design - someone who is technological and design minded with a fair grasp of Photoshop.

Writing - we’d like someone who isn’t afraid to sit down and write a blog post that is punchy, relevant and timely every now and then.

What we offer:

Career development - we believe in growing and nurturing people from the very start of their career. We promise to deliver on that and to ensure you get the support and learning you need.

Network - we’re at an exciting phase of being out in the industry and speaking to senior leaders on almost a daily basis. You’ll be invited to join those every early on.

Flexibility - we don’t believe in nasty commutes and the drudgery of the 9-to-5. We do believe in providing enough flexibility so you don’t have to succumb to the ‘Sunday dread’.

Accountability - we thrive on having open conversations and gaining constant feedback so that decisions are informed and we can move fast.

Fun - life is too short to hate what you do.

About you:

Either you’re considering university and wondering whether the debt is worth it.

Or you’ve left university and you’re wondering how to pay it all back.

Or you’ve decided on a career change later in life and want to try something new before you take the leap.

The truth is, you’re someone who doesn’t just want to get into a boring job or a boring life.

You’re Unmistakable.

Send us your CV and cover letter:


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