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The Diversity & Confusion Report

Our report on how people in the workforce think and feel about diversity and inclusion in 2021.

Why this matters

The decision for organisations to take action around diversity and inclusion has become as unavoidable as taking action around digital transformation once was. 

To understand where organisations are on this D&I transformation journey, we surveyed 1,522 UK workers between 16 and 19 March 2021. 

We sought to find out how included people really feel, the role language plays in inclusion, and whether people know what they can do to create more inclusive workplaces. 

What we discovered

We are living through a state of diversity and confusion.

The people that 'diversity and inclusion' is meant to support are those most likely to feel excluded from the conversation. 

People lack confidence in what they can and can't say in the workplace and fear the consequences of getting it wrong. 

D&I is here to stay but many don't know what to do next. 

Get a deeper dive of the data and find out how to address this by downloading our report in full. 

Now make a statement

The sooner we can show people that they're not alone in being confused, the sooner we can open up the conversations which build more cultural confidence.


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