Earlier this year, Dove launched a new stock photography collection that aimed to diversify the way women are represented in the media. Soon after, Adobe Stock followed up with a campaign to redress the balance of coverage of women in sport.

Both initiatives, while incredibly positive, made us realise the scale of underrepresentation of South Asians – affectionately known as Desi people – across stock photography sources online. What’s more, the Desi images that do exist are heavily stereotyped and tend to represent an entirely outdated view of this community.

Today, the Desi Diaspora – or, to coin a phrase, the ‘Despora’– represents five percent of the UK population (the largest percentage of the total BAME population in the UK). And, with over three million Desi people across the country, there is diversity within diversity.

That’s why we have launched ‘Despora’ – a collection of free-to-download images of Desi people, which represents this community as it is: modern, diverse and breaking down barriers and boundaries.


We carefully selected our models. The image collection features incredible activists, creatives and Desi people shaping what it means to be part of the Despora. We decided to take a no-photoshop approach to our imagery, representing real people in all their unmistakable beauty.

You can read about the models’ backgrounds and ways to connect with them here.

Please check out how to credit our free images under Creative Commons License here.