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Inside out inclusion®

We offer a distinctly different approach: inside out inclusion® that builds cultural confidence from three key service areas.

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“Inclusive Cultures create the environments for diversity and inclusion to thrive in the workplace. We work with clients at every stage of the talent lifecycle from attraction to recruitment, onboarding to team building and leadership development. We also work with leadership teams to develop internal and external inclusion strategies based on data and audience listening.


Our whole proposition is anchored in helping clients to be more culturally confident. We have accredited tools and training that help individuals, teams and organisations to navigate the evolving inclusion landscape and take the steps that drive cultural change.”

Simone Marquis, Culture & Inclusion Director

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“Our Inside Outsights service creates evidence-based insight to transform organisations.


We challenge the often inherent bias in traditional methodologies, which often exclude underrepresented audiences and centre on a perceived majority.


We do this by creating culturally nuanced, inclusive and innovative research that surfaces insights for today’s world.”

Ruth Hoyal, Insights & Strategy Director

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“Our Inclusive Campaigns services give organisations the tools they need to build and rebuild brands, campaigns and products with the audiences they seek to serve, reflect and represent.


Through partnerships, live learning, workshops and strategic consultancy, we bring often underrepresented communities into the planning process to identify new creative and cultural opportunities, and seek out potential weak spots to de-risk communications.


Through our client partnerships, our aim is to upskill internal teams and help our clients build their cultural confidence.”

Simone Harvey, Inclusive Campaigns Director

We’re here to help you grow in cultural confidence

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