this is how we do


We offer marketing and communications consultancy that includes the things you would expect across PR, advertising and media:

  • Strategy Development

  • Creative Ideation

  • Campaign Execution

Because we like to do things differently we have created the following services bespoke for the industry.

not your ordinary workshop

We offer Wokeshops to brands and senior marketers who want to avoid the reputational damage of tone deaf brands and campaigns. Through our network, we bring in the voices that are rarely heard when it comes to the big decisions about products and campaigns.

wake up feeling woke

Minoritease is our daily WhatsApp news roundup. We gather a handful of stories and articles which we think you need to hear, about people who need to be heard - in one easy-to-digest message every morning. Click below to sign up.

The unmistakables X do that thing

We’ve partnered up with Do That Thing to offer a different kind of mentorship programme to young BAME creatives across the UK.