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DEI Skills Building

We provide the DEI training and learning for teams to stay informed and ahead of cultural shifts.

We have never offered off the shelf 'unconscious bias training', instead we provide context-based learning and skills building that helps teams to feel more confident in their day-to-day work. 

We deliver training in-person, live online and through e-learning content to a variety of team sizes, including all-company sessions.

A group of people are discussing an advert that says 'women belong in the kitchen'

DEI Skills for Marketers

For brand marketing teams seeking applied learning and training that gives them the confidence to reach and sell to a wider spectrum of consumers.

DEI Skills for Creative Businesses

For creative, consumer-facing businesses, seeking a deeper understanding of bias and inclusion in how they operate.

Film Clapboard
Image shows two people of different backgrounds presenting to a room of people

DEI Skills for Agencies

For agencies seeking to exceed their client’s expectations when it comes to diversity, equity & inclusion.

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