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DEI Training for Marketers

For brand marketing teams seeking applied learning and training that gives them the confidence to reach and sell to a wider spectrum of consumers. 

Equip your team with the knowledge and confidence they need to reach and sell to a wider spectrum of consumers with our immersive DEI training and learning programs. We offer applied learning experiences that go beyond theory, providing practical tools and strategies that empower your team to create more inclusive and effective marketing campaigns.

Helping marketers navigate diversity, equity and inclusion

Marketing teams are often afraid when it comes to DEI. According to the Unstereotype Alliance, 64% don't engage with diversity for fear of getting it wrong. We work with in-house marketing teams to build their confidence when it comes to understanding a wider range of consumers, providing them with practical insights and tangible learnings that they can apply throughout the marketing mix. 


Why partner with The Unmistakables for DEI training for marketers? 

Applied Learning: Our training programs are grounded in real-world applications, giving your team the opportunity to practise and apply DEI principles in a hands-on setting. From inclusive messaging to diverse representation, we provide practical strategies that your team can immediately put into action.


Confidence Building: Our training programs are designed to build your team's confidence and competence in addressing DEI, ensuring they feel empowered to create marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences.

Industry Expertise: Our trainers are industry experts with deep knowledge and experience in both DEI and brand marketing. As the DEI partner for Cannes Lions, as well as our team's experience brand and agency-side, we bring a wealth of insights and best practices to the table. We provide your team with invaluable guidance and support as they navigate the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their marketing efforts.

Our DEI Training for Marketers Approach

Building confidence in HSBC's global marketing team

We were approached by one of the world's biggest global banks to design and deliver a bespoke curriculum for their marketing and communications team. 

Through our learning needs assessment, we understood the pain points and areas of fear that colleagues held when it came to developing more culturally confident marketing and communications.

Our curriculum covered six learning modules, covering everything from inclusive behaviours to practical and tangible principles, tools and guides.

The learning programme was supplemented by drop-in clinics for team members to bring specific questions to the tangible when they were live in the moment. 

“This was a really good opportunity to share experiences and be open in a safe environment. The programme was very well facilitated”.

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