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DEI Training for Creative Businesses

For creative, consumer-facing businesses, seeking a deeper understanding of bias and inclusion in how they operate. 


We offer specialised training programs designed specifically for businesses in the creative sector, providing deeper understanding of DEI concepts and practical training on addressing bias. This is supported by the principles and practical application within creative field. 

Addressing diversity, equity and inclusion in the creative ecosystem​

Creative businesses fuel the economy with new ideas and opportunities. Our experience shows that the growth of artificial intelligence and economic pressures mean that more careful attention is required to ensure

everyone in the creative ecosystem is able to thrive.

We provide training specifically catered towards creative businesses - ranging from TV production companies to scale up consumer-facing businesses. We provide them with the confidence to stay creative in the context of the culture wars. 

Why partner with The Unmistakables for DEI training as a creative business?

Comprehensive Understanding: Our training programs offer a holistic approach to DEI, providing your team with a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and principles. From the principles of bias to cultural competence, we cover all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure your team is well-equipped to create inclusive and impactful work.


Practical Training on Bias: Bias can impact decision-making at every stage of a creative process. Our training goes beyond awareness-raising to provide practical tools and techniques for recognising and mitigating bias in your work. Through interactive exercises and case studies, we help your team understand the neuroscience behind bias and develop strategies to overcome it.

Customised Curriculum: We understand that every creative business is unique. That's why we tailor our training programs to meet the specific needs and objectives of your team. Whether you're looking to enhance diversity in your creative output, improve collaboration across diverse teams, or address bias in your creative process, we'll create a customised curriculum that aligns with your goals.

Our DEI Training Approach

Building confidence for a global TV company

We developed and delivered an international coaching programme for leaders of a well known TV company in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. Combining the latest theory and a balance between global consistency and local nuance, we provided the space for learning across three very different markets.

In our learning needs assessment we understood the different challenges in each market, as well as the commonalities that could inform the learning content.

From there we designed three modules that covered everything from applying inside out inclusion to TV production to inclusive leadership principles. Each module was supplemented with independent learning materials and resources via a toolkit to continually develop individually. 

We closely tracked learner progress and individual and team confidence levels improved across all markets - with over 70% of participants reporting that they felt confident to discuss DEI and share their knowledge with peers. 

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