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Three reasons we're happy Dry January is over

Updated: May 14

We have had a trio of wins to start the year on a high! In no particular order:


The UK's eating disorder charity Beat has brought us in to help challenge stereotypes around the issue during Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which kicks off from 25th February. We will be working together on stories and content that highlight how a range of eating disorders affect people from all walks of life and are not just confined to the common media portrayal of young, affluent women.

Tom Quinn, Director of External Affairs at Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity said: “We are delighted to be working with The Unmistakables on this project. Eating disorder stereotypes have to change. No matter who you are, where you come from or what eating disorder you are diagnosed with you deserve to be supported with high-quality treatment and compassion. We’re excited to put our eating disorder knowledge together with The Unmistakables’ expertise to make a real difference to the people these serious mental illnesses affect.”


SQUAD SOCIAL, a new platform for queer people to connect based on common interests has selected The Unmistakables to help develop its proposition and communications strategy ahead of its launch at Student Pride this year. Rob Curtis Founder and CEO of SQUAD SOCIAL added: "When we needed to develop a communication and messaging strategy that was inclusive for the entire queer community, the first name that came to mind was The Unmistakables. Asad and the team managed to land the brief by bringing that perfect combination of expertise, lived experience and heart to the table.”

Market Peckham

Market Peckham, a co-working space in south London that brings together independent people who want to live and work differently not only selected, but now houses The Unmistakables.

Simon Thorpe from Market Peckham said: “We decided to go with The Unmistakables because their mission statement to create an agency which reflects the world in all its varied forms means, by its nature, they re-think things from first principles. This fully reflects the way that we work, avoiding assumptions and carefully considering what might be the best approach for a given project or situation. It’s been a pleasure to work together so far!”

Our Founder, Asad Dhunna, said: “I hate Dry January. It’s meant not being able to do that PR thing of cracking open some Prosecco at any given moment - and this month we’ve had three chances to. It’s really humbling to have three very serious and purpose driven organisations choose us to develop PR and marketing campaigns that are truly reflective of society. We have also gained a beautiful space to work from in Peckham’s next big thing. Now it’s time to start filling it with more people who are hungry to change the industry”.


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