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The Speakeasier with Mr Motivator: How can fitness be more inclusive?

After a short break to update our website, we're back with a brand new series of The Speakeasier, and oh how good it feels! With a lineup of amazing guests and new co-hosting voices, we're here to delve into the complicated issues around diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Kicking off the new series, it gives us a ton of joy to be joined by the original man of multi-coloured lycra, Mr Motivator himself - AKA Derrick Evans MBE.

Known as much for his bright unitards and impossibly enthusiastic personality as he is for his exercise routines, Derrick talks about the fitness industry and how it can leave people feeling left out; how it's become too expensive, too exclusive and too impersonal.

From the very beginning of the episode, Mr Motivator’s passion is as infectious as his energy. He explains why exercise needs to become part of our everyday lives in order for us to become the best possible versions of ourselves, and the inclusive environment this can create.

He talks us through the very start of his career; where he got his name and energy from and the secrets for his longevity. He is also open about the racism he faced early on in his career, some more blatant than others. We hear about how he converts this into an opportunity for positive change and success. With the obstacles he was up against, including being told a black man doing fitness on TV would never work, it took Mr Motivator ten years to get into television.

Looking ahead we ask if anything has changed and what he hopes to see for future generations. Among his answer, he doesn't want to be compared to Joe Wicks and has one thing to thank former US President Donald Trump for...

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The Speakeasier is available on all podcast platforms.


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