We're opening a takeaway

Originally posted on Asad’s Linkedin:

Today I turn thirty two. As I head gung-ho towards my mid-thirties, I’m starting to realise how important it is to mark anniversaries and major moments in life - not least because it’s becoming easier to forget things after they happen.

Technology is a great aid. I’ve been enjoying the reactions and congratulations on Linkedin for my 1 year anniversary at The Unmistakables. In the spirit of marking the moment, I’ve been looking back through our slowly growing archives. From celebrating the scrapping of Section 377 with Dishoom to helping the England Cricket Board recruit more women from South Asian backgrounds to volunteer, we’ve been learning a great deal about how organisations large and small are approaching the biggest cultural shift since World War Two. 

Every morning we fire up our human algorithm to surface countless stories in our Minoritease WhatsApp news service that now has hundreds of subscribers. What’s struck me most is how organisations across the world are grappling with what it means to be more ‘diverse and inclusive’, yet many of us don’t really know what that means, or how that should manifest itself.

From where we’re sitting, it comes down to the internal shifts in our workforces such as Generation Z choosing part time jobs with purpose rather than golden handcuffs with pay cheques and where people from all manners of protected characteristics - and every intersection in between - call out employers if they marginalise or appropriate what makes them different.

The external shifts are even more dramatic. Twitter is giving a voice to everyone to surface their views. Online news is picking these up and running them as stories because they are time poor and struggling to hear diverse views from across the nation. Not a day goes by without another brand or organisation being called out for mis-juding their approach to people who are different. The more people I talk to and consult, the more I realise it’s often not done intentionally, it happens due to a lack of knowing how to make things better. It’s a bit like taste in food in the 1970s - it used to be about bland, beige food until the Asians came along and graced us with the balti. Sometimes you don’t know how good difference is until you’ve tasted it for yourself. 

This is exactly why we’ve decided to open a Takeaway. Part channeling my cultural heritage, part satirising the ‘key takeaway’ element of conferences. For one day only, we will be hosting a day of unforgettable talks, unmissable content and unmistakable networking that is guaranteed to change the way you think about diversity and inclusion. We talk to our clients about the difference dividend - the cultural, conversational and commercial opportunities found in difference - and we’ve decided to take that learning to the public.

On the day we’ll be bringing together a varied group of people who are making their worlds - both personal or professional - more reflective of society. From sports stars to chefs or from fashion icons to artists, our ambition is for people to come away full of new knowledge, experiences and we hope the ability to help navigate the murky world of ‘diversity’ when they get back to their desks the next day. It might take until lunchtime, as we plan to have a one year celebration in the evening for making it to the one year mark.

You won’t find this takeaway on Deliveroo, you will find it here: http://theunmistakables.com/takeaway.

Register your interest now. We're also interested in hearing from people who would like to speak or take part in some way. Tickets go on sale soon - we’re just waiting for the Home Office to get back to us on some chicken boxes...

Asad Dhunna