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Diagnostic and strategy with Cannes Lions

Embedding ED&I into the heart of the creative industry

The world’s largest gathering of creatives marketers, Cannes Lions, asked us how we could help them better understand what’s holding them back from being a leading force and voice in the industry for equity, diversity & inclusion. Through our diagnostic, we worked closely across the entire organisation to better understand the state of play and ambition for the future during a time of uncertainty. 

Using a mixture of interviews, listening sessions, surveys and observations, we presented an insight-led analysis of the internal and external barriers and enablers for ED&I. Combined with our built-in coaching ethos, we helped to increase understanding and confidence of ED&I across the organisation, and embedded learning through a mixture of toolkits, learning sessions, ad-hoc advisory and communications counsel.

The increased understanding and confidence across the organisation has resulted in new industry-leading initiatives. As a strategic ED&I partner, we continue to guide Cannes Lions through a roadmap for innovation and advancement through inclusion.

There are a lot of cookie cutter solutions out there. I've been pitched many! With The Unmistakables, I have never felt like a cookie cutter solution has been put in front of me. It always feels Lions first, personalised and relevant. Their attention to detail, the experience design, and facilitation is top-notch.” – Simon Cook, CEO, Cannes Lions

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