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Reaching millions through equity at Unilever

Strategic partners to Unilever to advance ED&I

We have partnered with Unilever for a number of years to support their ambition to be a market leader in equity, diversity & inclusion (ED&I).

We designed and delivered 1-2-1 inclusive leadership coaching, for Nitin Paranjpe, Chief Human Resources Officer, and his team to understand his learning objectives. Starting with a personal learning needs assessment, we identified nine areas within ED&I that we wanted to cover together. From there, we designed a bespoke coaching curriculum, covering race & ethnicity, LGBTQIA+, disability, colourism, socio-economics and religion. 

Across nine 1-2-1 coaching sessions, we brought in 24 contributors from our network, each bringing valuable lived experience and professional expertise to help Nitin on his learning journey. Each session was followed up by key takeaways as well as a final key learnings pack at the end of the coaching series. The series was used as a basis for Nitin to share his learnings internally amongst thousands of colleagues, as well as externally through a series of speaking engagements and thought leadership.

"The Unmistakables helped me on my journey of being an inclusive leader. As experts in ED&I, they understood the areas I wanted to explore and developed an engaging programme of learning that allowed me toevolve my definition of inclusion."

"They brought in a variety of experts, activists and advocates who helped me to see things differently across a number of subjects. They exposed me to lived experience and professional expertise, always within a safe environment, and have left me feeling more culturally confident inside and outside Unilever.’’

– Nitin Paranjpe, Chief Human Resources Officer, Unilever

Beyond our engagement with Nitin, we support and guide the global ED&I team through DEI learning as well as strategic thought partnering.

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