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Ensuring every little detail helps with Tesco & BBH

Shaping groundbreaking advertising through inclusion

Global ad agency, BBH brought us in to work with Tesco to confidently embed diversity & inclusion in the advertising for the UK’s biggest supermarkets. Through an in-depth campaign audit, we delivered a planning tool that spanned numerous campaign types and objectives on ED&I for advertising. 

Bringing in the expertise of a number of contributors, we delivered a series of cultural confidence sessions on specific communities, in addition to inclusive planning workshops exploring new campaign territories across teams. As well as increasing confidence across the team, we have partnered on groundbreaking campaigns such as the award-winning ‘Together This Ramadan’ out-of-home (OOH) activation – Tesco’s first major Ramadan campaign. 

The campaign didn’t just acknowledge Ramadan, it celebrated it, every night of the month. Centred on Iftar, the evening meal that signals the end of daily fasting, the campaign used digital billboards featuring carefully-crafted plates with food that appeared and disappeared in line with fasting times. An authentic nod to a community often overlooked in advertising, the widely-praised campaign is used as an exemplar of how marketers should approach the Muslim community.

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