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Advert at Cannes Lions Palais stating "This is your moment. Make history".

Helping LIONS roar through DEI

We partner with Cannes Lions to embed inclusion at the core of the creative ecosystem

Image showing various Unilever products including Hellman's and Persil bottles.

Reaching millions through equity

We work with Unilever to accelerate inclusion in a way that reaches millions

Image showing an advert with an iftar meal table that says 'Together this Ramadan' at the bottom.

Ensuring every little detail helps

We work with Tesco and BBH to create marketing and advertising that matters

We build the confidence to have an unmistakable impact on culture & creativity.

We work with ambitious organisations that are seeking a trusted diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) partner.

Our offer is a unique blend of strategic advisory, senior leadership development, skills building and systems change.

Our proprietary model called inside out inclusion® offers an evidence-based approach to appeal to colleagues and customers authentically. 

Our services

Graphic showing people sitting around a table

Strategic Advisory

We partner with ambitious organisations to advance their progress and impact on DEI using evidence and insight

Image showing pieces linked together to form a line

Senior Leadership Development

We guide top teams and executives through experiences that enable them to lead inclusively

A cube with a lightbulb showing knowledge being built

Skills Building

We build the knowledge and skills for teams to stay informed and ahead of cultural shifts through training and development

A graphic showing rings linking together

Systems Change

We design new ways of working to embed DEI through teams, organisations and their products and services

Some of our client partners

Recognition for our work

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