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Employee strategy with StudioCanal

Creating an industry-leading ED&I action plan

Looking to refine their ED&I focus, StudioCanal asked us to develop a strategic action plan focused on clear and tangible outcomes. With little industry accountability on diversity and inclusion, we identified the film company’s opportunity to take a leadership role and diversify its audiences, approaches and content via new platforms. 

Our ED&I action plan began with multidimensional research and insight, providing an evidence-based approach to determine themes. We collected a range of both quantitative and qualitative data, including interviews with the leadership team, an inclusion survey and listening sessions amplifying the voices of 75% of the workforce. 

The team used this data to build out the strategic ED&I action plan with StudioCanal’s leadership, refining all recommendations and opportunities into a roadmap for the future of the organisation. Through our inside out inclusion approach, we were able to connect all key stakeholders, driving ideas to help build a more inclusive future for both internal and external audiences.

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