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DEI Reputation  Management and Counsel

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, navigating the complexities of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) can be challenging. We provide strategic guidance and communications support to help you navigate the media landscape and uphold your organisation's values with integrity.

Why does DEI matter for brand reputation?

A commitment to DEI matters for colleagues and customers. Underrepresented groups are looking for employers that actively seek to make a more inclusive workplace for all, and are also looking for brands that authentically understand their needs. 

However, having a statement on a website isn't enough. Communicating it and managing it in the context of the culture wars takes careful planning and thinking. 


We provide guidance on managing and maintaining your reputation around matters related to DEI, while also navigating the culture wars. We help you to understand the expectations around DEI for internal and external audiences. 

Why partner with The Unmistakables for reputation counsel?

Strategic Counsel: Our team of experts offer strategic counsel tailored to your organisation's needs. We help you anticipate potential challenges, navigate sensitive issues, and develop proactive strategies to safeguard your reputation.

Crisis Management: In the face of controversy or backlash, swift and decisive action is crucial. We provide expert crisis management support, helping you respond effectively to mitigate reputational damage and rebuild trust.

Authentic Communication: Authenticity is key to building trust and credibility. We work closely with your team to craft authentic, inclusive messaging that resonates with your audience and reflects your organisation's commitment to DEI.

Our DEI Reputation Management Process

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