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Equitable communications with WaterAid

We created inclusive policies for global communications

We partnered with WaterAid to help the international not-for-profit embed more inclusive language and imagery globally. Using our inside out inclusion® approach, we equitably co-created a communications policy and toolkit to create a clear and consistent approach to portraying the communities WaterAid works with in a dignified and respectful way.

To ensure we heard directly from people doing work with communities and to account for historical power dynamics, we ran a series of multilingual workshops for colleagues around the globe; prioritising their insights and enabling their views to inform decision-making.

We shared our findings and recommendations with key stakeholders through a series of workshops to discuss complexities, ensure full buy-in, and test user-friendliness, before rolling it out globally in multilingual workshops for over 100 colleagues.

Cementing the impact of the work, the Malawi country programme team shared how they used the toolkit from start to finish to equitably create the film, First Cup. Using practices from the toolkit, the film was co-created with the community it portrays and respectfully centres their voices. This has set the standard for accelerating inclusion at WaterAid.

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