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Creating inclusive marketing with Shelter

We improved marketing practices to embed inclusivity and anti-racism

After supporting Shelter and Shelter Scotland with their anti-racism strategy, they asked us to help them ensure their marketing efforts aligned with their anti-racist ambitions through a robust systems change programme. We began by applying our inside out inclusion® critical indicators to 15 past campaigns and current marketing processes. We gathered further insight through interviews with key stakeholders and delivered a co-creation workshop to collectively develop marketing principles and surface nuances.

We brought all of these insights together in an Anti-Racism Marketing Playbook, covering; ambition and principles; pre-production, production, and post-production guidance; and problem-solving – encouraging teams to build their confidence in anti-racist critical thinking. The playbook was rolled out via a train-the-trainer webinar and a series of playbook roadshows, upskilling the variety of playbook users. 

Rolling out the playbook company-wide created foundational confidence and encouraged wider anti-racism and inclusion practices beyond the initial marketing teams. The playbook increased clarity by equipping teams with anti-racism know-how and tools, as well as an understanding of their role in the charity’s anti-racism ambition. By establishing benchmarks for how anti-racism can be applied to products, events, campaigns and propositions, the playbook has ensured consistency across the charity, as well as with partner agencies and suppliers. 

“The Unmistakables took the time and put in the effort to really understand the inner workings of the organisation. The playbook was put together with Shelter in-mind, with the combined expertise of our own specialists and affinity groups, and the knowledge of the team at The Unmistakables. You can see the evidence of that collaboration on every page.” – David Millward, Senior Fundraising Manager

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