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Team Leadership Coaching

For senior leadership teams to share a development experience that builds their confidence to speak openly about DEI. 


We understand that true change starts from within, which is why we offer immersive coaching, training and learning experiences designed to foster open dialogue, build trust, and empower your team to lead authentically through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

How to build an inclusive leadership team

We work with leadership teams to provide them the space and opportunity to learn and develop their skills for inclusive leadership collectively. This isn't unconscious bias training (that won't stick), this is a more robust and more sophisticated approach to creating the skills to future proof your leadership. 

Why partner with The Unmistakables for team leadership coaching?

Collective Growth: Our Team Inclusive Leadership Coaching program isn't just about individual development—it's about catalysing collective growth. We bring your senior leadership team together in a supportive, collaborative environment, where you'll learn from each other's perspectives and experiences.


Open Dialogue: DEI can be a sensitive topic, but it's essential for senior leadership teams to engage in open, honest dialogue. Our coaching sessions provide a safe space for your team to explore DEI-related issues, ask challenging questions, and have meaningful conversations that drive progress. We harness the elements of Cultural Intelligence to ensure our approach is backed with practical and tangible steps for progress. 


Shared Vision: Effective leadership is grounded in a shared vision and values. Through our coaching program, we help your team align around a common understanding of DEI principles and develop a shared commitment to advancing inclusion and equity within your organisation.

Our Approach

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