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Brand strategy with PG Tips

Enhancing brand strategy with new learnings and opportunities

Leading tea brand, PG Tips, partnered with us to authentically embed ED&I throughout their marketing process. From brand strategy to campaign reviews, we took brand marketers and agencies through an innovation process to help them think and work more inclusively. 

While the majority of employees were at a low base of understanding of ED&I, even the more engaged minority were fearful of ‘getting it wrong’. Using a foundation of desk research, trends mapping and stakeholder interviews, we took the PG Tips team on a journey of discovery into what ED&I risks and opportunities facing the tea brand and category. The team was made up of insights and marketing professionals from different social and cultural backgrounds, supplemented by The Unmistakable Network. 

Exploring factors including colonialism, sustainability, modern Britishness, younger generations’ appetite for caffeine, potentially racist brand iconography, culture wars, and presenting the notion of ‘togetherness’ in a divided society, we completed an inclusive brand review against current cultural backdrops to identify opportunities for PG Tips to operate and market more inclusively.

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