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Research and insights with Mind

Producing equitable insights to understand audiences

As part of their mission to become anti-racist, Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity asked us to help them better understand the experiences of ethnic minority groups when accessing mental health support.

Through our inclusive research & insights, we delivered a sensitive human-centred research programme to surface the experiences, preferences and recommendations of people & communities experiencing mental health problems, as well as those delivering mental health support.

Through a comprehensive data-gathering exercise across qualitative and quantitative methods, we reached over 500 of our target audience in interview, focus group, workshop and roundtable settings. This surfaced unique insight into lived experiences and was combined with a disruptor session with experts in the mental health space.

Using a human-centered approach put representatives of all underrepresented communities at the heart of the research and insight, giving voice to the people Mind is aiming to better serve. The programme increased awareness and understanding internally within Mind, whilst also improving perceptions amongst underrepresented communities. The insights were publicly launched and continue to be used to shape service provision.

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