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Building confidence amongst HSBC's global marketers

We developed DEI champions through learning and development

Financial services company, HSBC brought us on to develop a bespoke training programme to build cultural confidence around race and ethnicity. The programme was designed to introduce anti-racism and normalise conversations for an international cohort of marketing and communication teams.

To set our participants up for success, we began by putting race in context; sharing market nuances and the different perspectives and lived experiences on race & ethnicity within the group. We explored language, barriers, misconceptions, and anti-racism accountability and action, providing learning strategies to ensure that processes and behaviours in organisations are anti-racist.

We coached participants on how they can become agents of change, applying the concepts to HSBC and giving them the confidence to drive allyship and communicate about race across the business. The groups were taught how to work through an inclusive planning process, exploring campaign ideas, challenges, problem-solving strategies and inclusive campaign development. 

Through a carefully designed set of modules and learning sessions, we helped the team become more culturally confident and capable of having difficult conversations, ultimately leading to braver work.

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