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Wokeshop is our latest service to help brands and senior marketers avoid the reputation damage of products and campaigns that might be perceived as tone deaf by certain minorities.

We have teamed up with strategic consultant, writer and campaigner Ben Brooks-Dutton to help leaders broaden their understanding of the societal and cultural context of the products and campaigns they want to bring to market.

A Wokeshop session lasts up to three hours and is tailored to the specific needs of the client. We invite collaborators from our minorities network to contribute or contradict, accelerate or antagonise the creative process from start to finish, quickly bringing people out of their echo chambers and aware of different opinions and ideas.

With the marketing industry sorely suffering from a diversity problem, running a Wokeshop is a simple and easy way to make sure you’re hearing from a diverse range of people with experience about how different communities across the UK think and perceive brands and their marketing campaigns. It’s the starting point in challenging the way things are done.

Warning: this is not a focus group. A Wokeshop is a focussed, private discussion that could stop you from sleep walking into a crisis.

Asad Dhunna and Ben Brooks-Dutton

Asad Dhunna and Ben Brooks-Dutton