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Inside out inclusion®

We offer a distinctly different approach: inside out inclusion® that builds cultural confidence from three key service areas.

Inclusive Cultures icon


We help organisations build more inclusive cultures, structures and behaviours.


We build: 

  • Robust diagnostics to understand ED&I within an organisation 

  • Bespoke ED&I strategies that create structure and progress 

  • Learning programmes for leadership teams, HR teams and ED&I teams

  • Practical toolkits and learning resources that make ED&I easy to understand

  • Advisory on more diverse & inclusive recruitment and retention

Despora image - trans Desi person in office
Inside Outsights icon


We help teams uncover deeper insights into often underrepresented communities. 

We provide: 

  • Insight & data gathering services for measuring diversity & inclusion

  • In-depth audience insight into underrepresented groups

Inclusive Campaigns icon


We help marketing teams & agencies create more inclusive brands and campaigns.

We provide: 

  • Support on embedding ED&I into brand strategy

  • Advisory on how to make campaigns more inclusive

  • Learning programmes for marketing and communications teams

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