As an organisation made up of minorities, our power is found in our understanding how it feels to be different. We promise to be:

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The Unmistakables is a cultural consultancy made up of minorities, meaning that we think differently and solve problems in unexpected ways. That’s because we not only understand how it feels to be marginalised but also how to go about reaching the previously unreachable, unlocking new opportunities for organisations.

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Thinking differently leads to acting differently, which is why our work is out of the ordinary. We interrogate; we question everything; we turn things upside down until we have the answer, which we usually find in a more unorthodox and unconventional approach.

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We bring together the very best and most experienced consultants and collaborators, selected for specific client needs. Our clients are our partners, and we offer straight-talking, bold, confident and unapologetic senior counsel and consultancy along the way.

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We set up The Unmistakables because we were tired of witnessing culturally insensitive or misjudged campaigns from brands, seeing whole sections of modern society marginalised by organisations and working at other agencies that weren’t qualified to consult on issues of diversity and inclusion.