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Seen, skipped or stereotyped?

Updated: 4 days ago

In a year that will see new Census data begin to reveal a more accurate picture of the demographics that make up today’s population, The Unmistakables hosts a conversation with Getty Images to explore whether brands and the British media are truly representation-ready.

Alongside special guests, The Unmistakables CEO and founder, Asad Dhunna, will explore how visual imagery impacts the way we see ourselves and how authentic representation can change perceptions, shift mindsets, and help create lasting connections between brands and communities.

Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images, Dr. Rebecca Swift will discuss how the new open source Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Imagery Toolkits, created by Getty Images and Citi, can set a new standard for representation, celebrate identity, and improve our understanding and consideration of different cultures.

Join us for 'Seen, skipped or stereotyped: Is the depiction of diverse identity groups in brand and media imagery fit for purpose?'

Where: LinkedIn Live |

When: 09:30 to 11:00 GMT, Thursday 28th April

How: This is an open event and you can register your attendance here

Privacy policy: During the LinkedIn Live registration process, we may collect your name and contact details. This information will be used to communicate relevant information about the event to the attendees. We will only send any further promotional or marketing communications information if you select the consent checkbox on the registration form. You can read more about our own website privacy policy here.


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