We have partnered with the team behind Do That Thing to bring a new kind of grassroots mentorship scheme to the industry. It brings together creatives from black and ethnic minority backgrounds from across the UK to learn from, lean on and lift up one another.

Starting in Manchester, Bradford and London, Do That Thing will pair Leaders - who are established creatives, and Creators - those just starting out on their journey - to make their mark on the creative sector, and embark on a successful, paid career in an industry that contributes over £90 billion to the UK economy.

The insight is known: it is fundamentally harder for people of colour to embark on creative careers due to decades of conditioning and migration that have meant traditional careers such as accountancy, law and medicine are seen as more acceptable.

We don’t have anything against those professions, but we do believe that people from black and minority ethnicities across the country need access to key, formal support in order to overcome the barriers they face getting into a creative field.

What’s more, once they’re in, they bounce out after a few years from not seeing role models or an obvious career path. We want to change this and make sure some of the brightest and most diverse talent has a clear creative future.

Do That Thing goes beyond the industry silos of PR, advertising, media buying, design or social media. It starts with creative people of colour wanting to earn a living from their talents.

This is not your traditional mentoring programme.

This is not a talking shop or vanity exercise.

This is about making a difference.


Become a Leader

If you’re between 25 and 35, from a black or ethnic minority background, and are a paid freelancer or employee in the creative sector then why not share this experience while building upon your own?

Apply to become a Do That Thing Leader.

Become a Creator

If you’re between 19 and 22 years of age, from a black or ethnic minority background, and either starting or seriously considering a career in the paid creative sector then apply to become a Do That Thing Creator.

Got any questions? Drop us an email to info@dothatthing.co.uk