Mellisa Abdullah

her/she // @sermangkok

Representing the tiny island of Singapore, Mellisa is here to make her mark in this world. A full-time creative wizard and part-time animal whisperer, football is her second favourite F word.


Nyla Mirza

her/she // @nyla.m

Nyla is a Half English, Half Indian lesbian who works as a Billing Manager for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region in a fast growing start-up that provides office space for entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.


Riah Uddin

her/she // @imafauxpas

Riah (left) is a 21 year old creative from London of Bangladeshi heritage, currently studying Fashion Branding and Marketing at university. She has worked for the KSWISS 2016 Summer campaign as an apprentice stylist, worked as a stylist for Colour.fielded London for the 2017 Winter Campaign and more recently as a Digital Guru for Sustainable fashion brand, Physical Novels.


Poonum Chauhan

her/she // @pixel_princess

Poonum is a female, bisexual/pansexual, British Indian. Born and raised in London, she is Creative Director of her own design studio Moon Creative. As a mentor for Hype Collective and LGBT+ activist, she hopes to be the representation to others that she never had.


Sabah Choudrey

they/them // @sabah.c

Sabah Choudrey is a hairy brown trans Muslim, one of the co-founders of Trans Pride Brighton in 2013, and proud trans youth worker since 2014. Psychotherapist in training. Social justice fighter in training. Top three passions right now: carving out spaces for queer and trans people of colour, making friends with cats, and taking selfies from bad angles. Check out their character profile here.


Manju Patel-Nair

her/she // @manju44

Manju Patel-Nair is British Keralan EdActivist, Community Builder & Founder of ChangeMakers UnLtd.


Rakhi Patel-Nair


Rakhi Patel-Nair (right) is a British Gujarati Scientist, specialised in tissue diagnostics and a Shiatsu practitioner.


Rajan Nair


Rajan Nair is Manju’s father, lover of newspapers and looks great in orange.


Shani Dhanda

her/she // @shanidhanda

Shani is a business and culture change agent, social entrepreneur and disability rights advocate - passionate about representation and creating equality as founder of the Diversability Card, Asian Woman Festival, and Asian Disability Network.


Janaki Mistry

her/she // @m_i_stry

Janaki Mistry (left) is a Fine Artist student at Goldsmiths University, her work draws inspiration from general life, and the moments where she see her culture intertwined with the West.


Chiraag Jiwan

he/him // @chigstagram29

Chiraag Jiwan is a bilingual self-starter, and he is devoted to enriching the digital sphere with his travel and personal background.


Laiqa Miriam

her/she // @laqtose.intolerant

Laiqa Miriam is a creative and Intersectional Feminist Activist, you may have seen her elsewhere on the website, as she is a Junior Consultant for the Unmistakables. Laiqa has also founded Highlighter, an online platform dedicated to empowering and educating emerging intersectional creatives.