Wake up feeling woke - Minoritease has launched!

Exciting things are happening here at The Unmistakables HQ. Today, we’re launching Minoritease - our WhatsApp news service.

With over 2 million articles circling the web every day, it can sometimes feel like, in our own bubble, we keep seeing the same things flying through our feeds. We get it, and we want to change it.

With Minoritease, we’re sending people one daily message with a roundup of minority related news every weekday. Some big headlines, some smaller stories - but all about people who need to be known.


‘How does it work?’, we hear you ask. Well, each morning once the coffee is made, we sit down and browse the big wide web for the latest news and stories concerning minority groups far and wide. Then, we pick out the biggest and/or most interesting articles to send out in our daily message - simple.

The truth is that we’ve always done this internally, but it seemed silly to keep it to ourselves. That’s why we’re inviting everyone in.

If you’d like to receive a daily roundup, click here.

Or, add +44 793 1994 370 to your address book and send us a WhatsApp message with the word TEASE. After that, we’ll do the hard part and you can feel a bit more woke in the morning.