Our Approach

Britain is changing.

8 million people in the UK identify as an ethnic minority. 

Over 1 million people identify as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual. 

As the country becomes more multi-coloured and gender fluid, businesses, particularly marketing communications is at risk of being left behind. 

Diversity has become a buzzword, inclusion has become a distant dream and all too often, attempts at either result in dangerous positive discrimination or meaningless box ticking.

We are moving beyond talk and into action. 

We are a strategic marketing communications consultancy that helps leaders understand minorities. 

Our mission is to make organisations and campaigns more representative of modern society. 

We start by understanding through research, audits and workshops and we surface the reasons why organisations aren't representative of society. 

We then troubleshoot and transform your company and campaigns together to make sure you are representative of society today and not at risk of becoming irrelevant.